Machinery Capacity Make
Planetary mixer – 2 600 lit each M/s.Bectochem and M/s.Anchor Mark
Homo vacuum mixer- 2 300 lit Each M/s.Pharmatech and M/ Softgel
Mill-Tripple roller mill,Corundum mill,Multimill,Colloidal Mill -6 NA M/s.Fluid tech engineering , M/s.Frymakoruma,M/s.Bectochem ,M/s.Cadmach
Shifter – 3 NA  M/s.Bectochem
Gelatin reactors – 4 600 lit M/s.Sky softgel and M/s.Bectochem
Encapsulation machine with tumble dryer -4 35000 cap/hr and 88000 cap/hr M/s.Sky softgel
Capsule sorting machine-3 NA M/s.Sky softgel
Blister packing machine with inspection system-6
Semisolid (Ointment and Cream)line- Manufacturing and Filling- 3 Lines 150 Kgs,400Kgs,1500 Kgs Ms.Anchor Mark,M/s.Betochemand M/s.Pro Pack
Ointment Filling and Packing – 2 Line 120 TPM M/s.WIMCO and M/s.Square Pharma
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