Mr. A.M Sulaiman

A first generation entrepreneur, who started his career as Chemist and in a couple of years started Madras pharma with 4 of his friends from college who are all medical Doctors. Mr. Sulaiman is one of the early movers to bring in the concept of contract manufacturing and had always stayed away from pharma marketing to avoid any conflict of interest with our CMO partners. He is very instrumental in many of the first to launch products in India and differentiated the company as pioneers in rational fixed dose combinations. Mr. Sulaiman is a very religious and down to earth who follows a very strict daily routine. He continues actively heading the organization in its multi-pronged growth approach and guides the team in the ethical conduct of the business and zero compromise to the product quality.


A well–renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon in Chennai who is also one of the Co-founders in the Madras Pharma. Dr.Nagappan plays a very critical role in the group strategy and future growth planning. He is a quick decision maker and very entrepreneurial in his approach.


A well-respected Surgeon and one of the co-founders in the Madras Pharma group. Post retirement, Dr.Alagappan is involved in the day to day affairs of the business. He guides the team in finance, legal and logistics. He is known for his strong financial and legal acumen.

Mr. Kumaran

A committed pharmaceutical professional who heads the domestic business of the group. Mr. Kumaran started his career as a production chemist and moved his way up to head the domestic business of the group. His wide exposure in the different areas of pharma operations provides to impetus to the growth of the domestic business. He possess strong interpersonal and technical skills.

Dr. Vijay Alagappan

Holds a PhD in Biomedical engineering and an MBA in Healthcare management. Prior to joining Madras Pharma he has worked in Siemens, Australia and GE, USA in the Commercial and R&D functions. He has 11 patents and many published journal articles in the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Dr. Vijay heads the International business of the group and instrumental in achieving a CAGR of 30% in the exports business. He also spearheads the activities towards the future growth into the regulated markets.

Mr. Vijay Balakumar

Started his career in 2004 as a IT professional with a Masters in Computer Science, Vijay has held various jobs at Dell Computers, USA. After earning an MBA from University of Texas at Austin in 2012, Vijay moved in to sales & operations at Apple Computers, USA. After moving to India in the later part of 2016, Vijay has been handling various responsibilities in the group. Currently he spearheads the business development of Emerging markets and focuses on commercial operations of Steril-Gene to make it supply efficient.