Quality Medicines


7 State Of The Art Facilities

Our company was started in 1979 with a seed capital of 12500 USD by 5 Professionals with one manufacturing unit and 20 employees.
The company is now having 7 manufacturing units with 3000+ employees and turnover of 75 million USD. We are one of the leading producers of pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical products in all dosage forms and therapeutical areas and exporting to over 60 +countries.
We have approved dedicated R&D setups with capabilities to develop safe and effective formulations. We are working on development of varied dosage forms such as Injectables, Soft Gelatin Capsules, Suppositories, Tablets, Capsules, Semi-solids and Liquid orals.
Our Quality Systems, policies, core requirements, guidelines and procedures, are designed to ensure consistent product quality worldwide and exceed compliance expectations with Good Manufacturing Practices. We continuously evaluate these systems in order to maintain the highest product quality.

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